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Advance your business skills to develop and implement value-creating ideas and solutions in today's worldwide economy. The innovative MBA program at Webster University is designed for professionals who want to shape their own career, upgrade credentials, and be strategic players in the world of business.

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“We really focus on teaching people how to learn on their own. Our students continue learning as their careers progress.”

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Steve Hinson

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ACBSP Accreditation for The Walker School of Business & Technology

The Walker School of Business & Technology is proud to be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) for the Master of Business of Administration (MBA). ACBSP is dedicated to improving the quality of business schools and programs around the world, and ultimately to improving the practice of business in every industry around the world.

ACBSP Accredited

Earn Your Master of Business Administration Degree

This purpose is made clear in the following program learning outcomes:

  • Students can analyze a business and identify and evaluate opportunities for value creation.
  • Students can apply the core business competencies necessary to increase organizational value.
  • Students demonstrate the personal effectiveness competencies necessary to achieve their professional goals and to contribute to the accomplishment of the organization's objectives.

Value Creation: Curriculum With A Clear Focus

Successful business organizations identify and efficiently manage activities with the potential to generate the greatest possible value for owners, customers, and other stakeholders. The Walker MBA curriculum has been developed with an eye toward how the functional areas of business, such as marketing, finance, data systems, and human resources work together to generate value creation. This broad perspective provides Walker MBA graduates a competitive advantage in today's socially conscious economy.

Value Creation Foundation (9-12 credit hours)

  • BUSN 5000 Business* (3 credit hours)
  • MBA 5010 Value Creation (3 credit hours)
  • MBA 5020 Quantitative Methods for the MBA (3 credit hours)
  • MBA 5030 Market Analysis and Business Planning (3 credit hours)

Value Creation Components (15 credit hours)

  • MBA 5100 Adding Value through Human Capital (3 credit hours)
  • MBA 5200 The Financial Value of Capital Projects (3 credit hours)
  • MBA 5300 Providing Value to Customers (3 credit hours)
  • MBA 5400 The Supply Chain and Business Processes (3 credit hours)
  • MBA 5500 Information Support for Decision Making (3 credit hours)

Value Creation in Practice (9 hours)

  • MBA 5910 Cases in Value Creation (3 credit hours)
  • MBA 5920 Walker Consulting Project: Adding Value to Organizations (3 credit hours)
  • Elective(s) (3 hours)
    • BUSN 6140 Business Research Analysis (3 hours)
    • BUSN 6500 Business Internship (3 hours)

*Students with a previous ACBSP-accredited degree (or equivalent) who pass a waiver exam may substitute an elective for BUSN 5000.

The Walker MBA curriculum has been developed from the ground up to focus on those essential competencies needed for success in today's marketplace. In addition to a set of carefully selected overall business competencies, the program also includes personal effectiveness competencies required for personal success.

Core Business Competencies

Identify and Evaluate Opportunities for Value Creation

  • Value Creation
  • Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Pro Forma Analysis
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Quantitative Analysis

Develop an Implementation Plan

  • Project Management
  • Distribution and Pricing
  • Product and Promotion
  • Customer Relations

Manage Business Processes

  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Process Analysis
  • Leadership
  • Developing and Managing Teams
  • Developing and Managing Workers

Proovide Decision Support

  • Information Infrastructure
  • Database Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Managerial Accounting

Personal Effectiveness Competencies

  • Effective Communication
  • Collaborative Work
  • Efficient Organization of Work
  • Independent Learning
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Systematic Thinking
  • Analytical Decision Making
  • Probabilistic Thinking
  • Spreadsheet Analysis

MBA Student Spotlight: Monika Osby

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