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The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration covers the breadth of business-related disciplines as defined in the business core curriculum. The major does not provide a specific specialization but rather exposes the student to various business functions. This major is ideally suited to the new or transfer upper-division business student or for the student interested in concurrently pursuing another area of study.

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Lucille Nguyen
Lucille Nguyen

BS in Business Administration

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the BS in Business Administration degree program, students will be able to:

  • Use information, analytical tools, and problem-solving skills to make well-reasoned business decisions, considering both quantitative and qualitative factors.
  • Develop strategies addressing the legal, ethical, economic, and global environment in which the enterprise operates.
  • Have a working knowledge in a set of analytical business tools related to: math, statistics, accounting, economics, marketing, finance, and behavioral science.
  • Apply business core concepts, principles, and analytical skills across functional lines.
  • Access, develop, and use information to analyze business problems and propose feasible solutions.

ACBSP Accreditation for The Walker School of Business & Technology

The Walker School of Business & Technology is proud to be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) for the BS in Business Administration. ACBSP is dedicated to improving the quality of business schools and programs around the world, and ultimately to improving the practice of business in every industry around the world.

ACBSP Accredited

Earn Your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

To earn a bachelor's degree, students must:

  • Complete at least 120 total credit hours.
    • At least 30 of the last 36 credit hours must be earned in residence at Webster University.
    • Credit for assessment of prior learning or departmental credit by exam is considered in residence. 
  • Earn a cumulative Webster University grade point average of 2.0 or better.
  • Satisfy the requirements of a major.
  • Meet the requirements of the Global Citizenship Program (GCP).

Bachelor's degrees are awarded in May, August, and December. 

Students must meet the requirements in effect at the time of their matriculation as degree-seeking students. Students leaving the University for more than one calendar year must be readmitted and will follow the requirements in effect at the time of their readmission.

  • 45 required credit hours (core curriculum)
  • 3 upper-level 3000-4000 level School of Business & Technology courses (9 credit hours)
  • Applicable University Global Citizenship Program hours, with accommodations for the business administration BS
    Requirements are modified to allow MATH 1430 to satisfy both a requirement of the major and also the GCP 'Quantitative Literacy' requirement.
  • Electives

In addition to the business core curriculum, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration students will choose any three upper-level 3000-4000 courses (9 hours) from the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology.

  • BUSN 1000 Business Spreadsheets (1 hour)
  • MATH 1430 College Algebra (3 hours)
  • WSBT 2000 Career Exploration (1 hour)
  • ACCT 2010 Financial Accounting (3 hours)
  • ACCT 2025 Managerial Accounting (3 hours)
  • BUSN 2750 Introduction to Statistics (3 hours)
  • MNGT 2100 Management Theory and Practice (3 hours)
  • ECON 2000 Survey of Economics (3 hours)
  • WSBT 2300 Personal Branding (1 hour)
  • FINC 3210 Principles of Finance (3 hours)
  • MNGT 3280 Introduction to Business Law (3 hours) 
  • MNGT 3450 Organizational Behavior (3 hours)
  • BUSN 3500 Business and Global Issues (1 hour)
  • MNGT 2500 Marketing (3 hours)
  • CSIS 2500 Introduction to Data Science (3 hours) or 
    CSIS 1500 Introduction to Business Technologies (3 hours)
  • WSBT 2700 Career Management Strategies (1 hour)
  • BUSN 4110 Operations Management (3 hours)
  • BUSN 4500 Ethical Issues in Business (1 hour)
  • MNGT 4900 Managerial Policies and Strategies (3 hours)

*54 major credit hours is equivalent to 108 ECTS plus required GCP credit hours and electives for degree completion is 120 credit hours equivalent to 240 ECTS.

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